Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sweet Baby Clarke

If you remember about a month back, I took maternity pictures of my friends Laura and Doug which you can see on my blog here.  Well, sweet baby Clarke made her appearance on November 23, a week before she was expected. I have to wonder if this tells us a little about her personality. Her mother is a planner and she did not stick to the plan. (Love you Laura!) Regardless though, she is the most precious little thing and such a miracle. I got to take her pictures last week which was wonderful. Plus, it meant lots of baby loving time for me. :) Here are some of my favorites.


Isn't she just too cute for words! I love the Christmas ones and I think she makes the best Christmas decoration of all. :)

**If you need any pictures of you or your little ones let me know. I would love to take pictures for you.**

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