Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Clarke-4 months

 Here is my sweet "niece" Clarke. She is now 4 months which is hard to believe. She has such a great personality and fantastic expressions already. I had a great time taking these latest photos. Hope you enjoy this cuteness!

Seriously...could she be any cuter?!

Go Cats!

This one makes me laugh. I think she looks so serious and thoughtful here...or maybe thinking her mom and I are crazy for doing this to her. ;)

And a precious little family shot as well. They are awesome!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Before and Sort of After Photos

Ok, here are some pictures of the house! (It's only taken forever.) Things are really finally coming together. All of the rooms are now painted which feels great. I still have lots of decorating and accessorizing to do but that will come with time. I don't want to be hasty about anything. I'm really looking forward to hitting up yard sales and thrift stores this summer to find the perfect thing and to have some more time to create things of my own. Of course, that darn craft room (see previous post) is still a disaster which makes creating anything difficult but it's moved up in the priority list so that's good.

Guest Room Before:
 Light fixture still needs to be replaced...yuck!

Guest Room After:

I love this shade of green!
Color: Sherwin Williams Ryegrass

This room also has a dresser and tredmill in it but neither of those are very exciting.
Let me know if you need a place to stay. This bed is just waiting for visitors. :)

Guest Bath Before:

I do NOT like baby blue...unless it's for a baby. Ew.
And another light fixture that needs replacing.

Guest Bath After:

But I do LOVE yellow!
(even though it doesn't really look like it in this picture)
Color: Sherwin Williams Humble Gold
Kitchen Before:

I really wanted a yellow kitchen....I just couldn't decide what shade.
And if you know me then you probably aren't surprised by all those samples on the wall.

Kitchen After:

But I finally decided on this delightful golden yellow and I love it.
Color: Sherwin Williams Overjoy

Master Bedroom Before:

hideous baby blue again...

Master Bedroom After:

I was really going for a peaceful, feminine look and I feel like I have acheived that. Lots of little touches still left but I really love my bedroom and the way it feels.
Color: Sherwin Williams Grayish

Still to come: living room, dining area, master bath, craft room/office

Well, I better get to finishing up a few more things and some stuff for school. I guess Spring Break is officially over. It's been a fantastic week and I am so grateful for the time off. Pretty excited to see my kiddos tomorrow. Hope you're having a great weekend and enjoying some time with beautiful weather like we're having here.