Saturday, June 26, 2010

Book Page Wreaths

Told you I was obsessed with wreaths...

Here are two book page wreaths that I have recently made. The one below was made from a novel. I painted the edges brown before I tore the pages out of the book so they would all be the same. It is hanging in my living room.

This next one was made out of old Berenstain Bears books from my classroom library that were very well loved. (Didn't feel too bad tearing them apart since most of them already were.) I am really excited about hanging this one over the bookshelf in my classroom this fall!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Front Door Wreaths

I've really had an obsession with wreaths lately. Luckily, a few friends have bought houses so I've had more people to make wreaths for than just myself. Here are some front door wreaths I made for them as well as myself.

All I did to make these wreaths was wire the flowers through the vines and then hot glue the painted letters directly on the wreath. If you'd like one for your home just let me know. The price will vary depending on the flowers you would like. I love to make things and I really am running out of places to hang things around here. :)

Editor's Note-July 13, 2012: I can't even begin to explain how much it thrills me that so many people have looked at this post and how many people have pinned it to Pinterest. However, I am very disheartened by the fact that many people are not finding the original links when pinning or posting others' ideas to their own blog. I love that other people have found inspiration and are making their own wreaths-that is why I joined and love the blogging community. However, it is important for all of us to link back to others when we find inspiration for our own projects. So, if you're pinning from or plan on blogging something you were inspired from on the internet, PLEASE link back to the original. We all deserve that respect.

Ok, now that that's over, I just want to post a few answers to some of the questions in the comments section. Many of you have asked where I got the numbers. The answer to that is unfortunately bad news...I used to get these numbers at Michael's but they no longer carry them. I am looking online for a retailer with similar sized numbers since I can't buy them locally anymore. The other question I receive is how much does one cost? I charge $50 plus shipping. I am currently not taking orders though because I can't find the numbers. I am also trying to find a wholesale shop to get supplies so that I don't have to charge as much. As soon as I get one of both of those things worked out I plan to develop an Etsy shop and begin selling from there. So, please be patient with me and I will post that as soon as possible.

Thanks to ALL of you for reading, pinning, and making your own wreaths!


Welcome to my blog! I am really excited to start blogging and sharing a few things that I'm doing and making. Bear with me as I learn the ropes of blogging. I hope you enjoy what you read and see. Thanks for stopping by!