Saturday, June 26, 2010

Book Page Wreaths

Told you I was obsessed with wreaths...

Here are two book page wreaths that I have recently made. The one below was made from a novel. I painted the edges brown before I tore the pages out of the book so they would all be the same. It is hanging in my living room.

This next one was made out of old Berenstain Bears books from my classroom library that were very well loved. (Didn't feel too bad tearing them apart since most of them already were.) I am really excited about hanging this one over the bookshelf in my classroom this fall!


  1. CUTE, Dara. I love crafts... keep posting new ones!

  2. Dara, I didn't know you had a blog! I love these wreaths...especially the one for your classroom! How did you hook them together?

  3. Hey Ashley! I'm glad you read my blog...just started it a few weeks ago. I just read yours yesterday too! I feel your pain on the thinking about school thing. I just keep trying to put it out of my mind for another week or so. :(

    As far as the wreaths go, I just took a styrofoam wreath, rolled up the paper, folded the end of it, and then hot glued it to the wreath. For the school one I had to cut the pages in half first since picture books are larger than novels. Once I make another I'll take some pictures as I work for a tutorial post.

    Hope you're doing well!

  4. Dara! These are so cute! This whole blog is cute. Hope all is I have another reason to goof off online! Love you!

  5. Ok, my library needs one of these!! I have tons of old books. Do you sell your crafts?