Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Please excuse for my absence...and another wreath.

Dear beautiful, wonderful followers,

First let me say thank you for following! There are lots of new faces on that list over there to the right and that just brightens my day! However, please forgive me for not blogging in FOREVER! I just haven't been overly inspired lately and I've been working tons. But, I finally got a large table for my craft room and a new computer which is quickly bringing back the joy of the blog world and crafting!

Anywho, this past weekend I worked on a wreath for a friend. She requested a "UK" wreath as we have entered football season around these parts which also means basketball season is just around the corner. Around here we love our Cats and love to show it anywhere we can. Now that I've made one for my friend I've got to get to work on my own...along with a new something for fall...gonna have to change them out when my fave team plays!

Here she is:


  • foam wreath
  • burlap
  • wooden letters
  • team/colored fabric of your choice (I used blue, white, and a UK fabric)
  • ribbon
Overall it was pretty simple. I don't have a picture tutorial for each step but I just sort of made up the flowers as I went. Mostly it's just circles folded or twisted and glued to make different designs. To begin, hot glue the burlap to the wreath form and then wrap the ribbon around. Then, I glued the letters on. Finally, I just made the flowers and glued them on too. (What would I do without hot glue?!)

Hope you like it. I'm hoping to finish up one more piece of furniture and then show you my summer craigslist finds soon.

Thanks again for reading. Hope to be back sooner than later!


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  1. Hi Dara,
    This is Mollie, friend of your sisters and Peg. Great blog site. And you say you're "just a teacher" but you are "a teacher!" This sounds cliche but I've heard it's one of the hardest jobs in the world. And I understand you are a great teacher!

    I'm sure Barb and Peg would love a Cats wreath or Packers wreath if you were so moved. Actually if you made them a GB Packer one I'd buy it from you and give it to them for Christmas. Let me know! I'd pay for materials and of course your labor.