Thursday, October 21, 2010

Still Obsessed with Wreaths

First let me say, please forgive me for my blogging hiatus. I've made a lot of bow holders, bows, and other things that I had already blogged about so I didn't have anything new to post until NOW! So, here are a few more wreaths that's I've recently made...

Cork Wreath...This little lovely is hanging in my kitchen now above the sink. I'm so excited that I finally have something to put in that sad, empty spot. This was an easy one to make although it did take a lot of time and A LOT of hot glue. Thanks to my mom, aunt, and their many friends for making this possible! (And maybe I helped a little too.) I got the inspiration from the link below. Her's is awesome and all jazzed up with bows...still trying to find something I love to give mine a little pizazz too. :D

Fabric Fall Wreath...Again thanks to some lovely inspiration from one of my favorite blogs I finally made a fall wreath that I adore. I really didn't want to use silk flowers this time so the fabric rosettes were a nice change. I used burlap around the wreath and love how it gives it that extra touch of fall.

Diaper Wreath...Last weekend I had the honor of hosting a shower for two wonderful friends expecting little ones very soon. (Another post about that later.) Since one is having a girl and one a boy I went with purple and green for the ribbon. This was done by just wrapping small diapers around a wreath form and tying them up. So cute and it made it very obvious that people were at the right house for a baby shower.

So, now it's about time to come up with a brilliant idea for winter and Christmas wreaths. Happy wreath making!

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  1. I was glad to help with the wine cork wreath!!! These are beautiful!!! And now we need to think about something Christmas for my front door that will lay flat because of the storm door. I think my Ho-Ho-Ho sign is getting a little tired. Love you, Mom