Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hand Painted Name Signs

I've been working on a lot of these signs lately. And I'm loving it! Last spring I wanted to make something fun for my student teacher and just came up with this cute way to display her name...and this was even more fun because it's her soon to be married name. It was her first thing with her new name! Well, once I made her one I decided I definitely needed one for myself. And since then, I've been making them for other teachers at school. I love getting to use all the fun ribbon out there. Plus I can use the extra to make hair bows for my friends' baby girls on the way (post coming soon about that)!  :D

A little more masculine version.
I work with 2 males in my grade and so I made them signs too so they wouldn't have to worry about decorating their doors. And we all have fun matching doors!

This one is for my awesome guidance counselor roommate!

This is for a friend who is expecting a sweet baby girl in late September. It matches her nursery and hangs on her door as you go in.

Finally, I couldn't leave out my CATS!! Can't wait to cheer them on!!


  1. Dar! You are SOOO crafty!!!! I love looking at all these pics of your work! I especially LOVE that last one you posted! GO BIG BLUE!! :)